Letter of explanation to underwriters needs to be written by borrowers on items underwriters needs clarification on. termination letter if out of work, divorce decree if divorce, Some common reasons why people filed bankruptcy or had housing event was due to the following: periods of.

 · Ive searched this board, but couldnt find what I was looking for.I have a discharged chapter 7 bankruptcy from 2002. I have been asked to write a letter explaining that to a lender. I was hoping someone has some advice as to what this letter should entail. I mean, should it be brief -.

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Hardship Letter Due to Divorce. Because of the divorce, my income was drastically reduced, since my spouse was the majority breadwinner in the household. The terms of the divorce mean that I got the {house, car, loan, etc.}, and am now required to pay the entire thing on my own every month. This has proven to be impossible,

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For a bankruptcy explanation letter you have it spot on -be honest and explain your situation at the time. Explain, in some detail, your hardships and I would even end the letter with a few brief ways in which your financial behavior has changed.

Read about the Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Demand Letter at LegalZoom.com

A financial hardship letter is used to explain your economic fallout and ask for assistance in getting it resolved. Don’t use it to complain about your creditor’s policies or agenda. The average time for a response from the financial institution is 30 days.

A bankruptcy letter may also be written to a previous creditor who has suffered a loss because of non-payment of dues because of the bankruptcy of the person. This is a way of salvaging one’s reputation in the market by showing that the bankruptcy was due to extenuating situations and not due to carelessness.

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