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Monthly condo fees take care of these costs by covering landscaping, snowplowing (usually done much quicker than city maintenance), sewer.

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Those day the condominium maintenance fees was calculated based on your house built up area but now i have to pay for my parking lot maintenance fees as well. If i have 5 lots i have to pay all 5 lots. Can any sifu/simo can verify if this is truth. If not i will shoot my management office officer

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First-time condo buyers are sometimes confused by the monthly maintenance fee that condo buildings charge. Combined with property taxes and your mortgage payments, they can add up to a hefty percentage of your total housing costs. But what is a condo maintenance fee and what does it cover?

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Condo Maintenance Fees: Question: I am browsing thru your website which I find very informative but I have one remark.As I am looking to a condo to purchase, I can’t help but be discouraged by the high monthly maintenance fees. In some cases, they are as much as $850 per month! for a $225K unit! W

First-time condo buyers and even long time owners are often confused by maintenance fees. "What do my maintenance fees pay for?" and "How are my fees calculated?". With annual budget package distribution either fast approaching for some corporations or something that is an upcoming agenda it

As real estate taxes are not included in their common charges, usually condo fees trend lower than those for a co-op. Rather than being a static cost, maintenance charges tend to rise by a few.

So I will give you my subjective opinion: The amount we pay for condo maintenance fees is generally way too much these days, especially in downtown Toronto.. Just a few years ago, 50 to 65 cents.

“When you become cash strapped by borrowing too much, it can make people feel trapped. “They don’t factor in things like home repairs, maintenance, homeowners’ association or condo fees, utilities,

Condo Mortgage Payment Calculator Our condo mortgage payment calculator will help you determine your mortgage payment and allow you to visualize your amortization schedule. The calculator also lets you test out multiple down payment scenarios and calculate your CMHC insurance and land transfer tax.

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