If you’re curious about your home value, we’ve got tools to help you figure out how much your house is worth. The combination of our property value estimates, our interactive pricing tool and local real estate agents gives you the insight you need to price and sell your home.

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There is an easier and more accurate way to find out what your house is worth on the market today. Don’t waste your time on websites that give you zip code data. Those programs are written overseas by programmers with no Real Estate experience and no idea about the Real Estate Market in your neighborhood.

Although you’ll get valuable information from Trulia on what your house is worth, you’ll also benefit from getting the opinion of a real estate agent. "Technology is a great part of the pricing tool kit, but it does not supplant a knowledgeable real estate agent any more than being able to read a legal case study online obviates the need for an attorney," says Bill Golden , an atlanta real estate agent.

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The short answer’s easy: A house is worth whatever someone will pay for it. The long answer depends on the market and whether you’re asking a lender, agent or county tax assessor.

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While HomeGain.com is mostly a home shopping tool, one of their widgets lets you find the value of your own home for free. Just enter in your home zip code followed by your home address to find out what your home is worth now and how values have changed over the years.

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Make sure you use your standard mailing address, as verified by the U.S. postal office. perform a search. The site will show you the sale prices and tax-assessed value of similar homes in your area and provide the estimated ranges for your home’s value.

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